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Get list of Active Directory locked accounts

This script will permit to identify Active Directory locked accounts Note: Run the script as system user only

Category User Accounts

Released 06/18/2018
Updated 06/18/2018

Generate an alert for an account failed to Logon

Hi, Refer this script for generating an alert for the account failed to login Note: Run as Custom Monitoring Script.  

Category Script Monitors

Released 05/10/2018
Updated 05/10/2018

Enable the remote control and administrator account

Hi,     This script used to enable the remote control and administrator account and set a password to the administrator.              This script run...

Category System

Released 07/18/2017
Updated 07/18/2017

Remove all users from local administrators group except default administrator account

Please use below procedure to remove admin access from all users except built-in system administrator account. Run the script procedure as either "system user"  and "logged in user"

Category User Accounts

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 06/04/2017

Send email upon ping status of the specified IP address or domain name

Please run the script as System User This script can be used to send email based on ping status of the domain name or IP given by the user. NOTE: The...

Category Reports

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 08/08/2018

Make guest user account as admin

This script allows the guest user to perform as an admin. Note:        By running this script it allows the normal guest user to have all the permissions...

Category User Accounts

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 06/04/2017

Full access control to admin account

This script allows the admin to have full access control. Note: By running this script the admin has prevailed with full access to the account.

Category User Accounts

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 06/04/2017

Script for monitoring the user Access report(logon/logoff/logonfailure)

Please refer the below Script monitor, To Monitor Users Access Report(It will implement a report of all accesses (Logon, Logoff, Failed Logon) in Windows. For example, If the user login...

Category Script Monitors

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 06/04/2017

Monitor Admin Actions.

Please refer the Script for monitor admin actions. It will give an alert when the below conditions are triggered. 1) Microsoft UAC "requests" for privilege action toward user 2) Usage...

Category Script Monitors

Released 06/04/2017
Updated 06/04/2017

Get Local User Accounts

Please refer, the script to Get Local User Accounts The Users folder, which is located in the Local Users and Groups Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, displays default user accounts...

Category System

Released 08/13/2016
Updated 12/22/2017